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The Menu System

Move the mouse slowly over each button to find out what it does...

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This button will automatically optimise the windows within the active layout using a best-fit algorithm
New Layout
This will generate a new layout (tab) on which you can create new windows for web access and applications to reside within
Delete Layout
This deletes the active layout and any windows within it. Use this with extreme caution since layouts are non-recoverable if they have not been previously saved.
New Web Page
This generates a new window within the layout which can be used for web access, or as a container for OLE applications such as word processing and spreadsheets
Save Layouts
This saves all of the settings for the application to the registry
This button takes you back to a URL already visited. Use with the Forward button
Go Home
This button takes you to the page defined as Home for the active window - use the Save as Home button to define this setting
This button takes you forward to a URL already visited. Use with the Back button
This stops the current browser window from continuing to load the selected URL
This reloads the current page in the active web browser window
Set as Home
This saves the current web page as the default page for that window
This uses the same window which displays the history of your web browsing.
Allows the opening of a local or network based file such as a Microsoft Office document
Brings up the print dialog to allow the printing of the selected window.
Click here to search the text of the selected window for specific keywords. Also accessible via CTRL-F
Allows the re-ordering of layouts into the order in which you would prefer them to appear.
Display Offscreen Windows
Brings back any windows forced off the screen by accident back onto the visible area of the active layout. This is useful during a screen resize.
Launches the built in help files.
Takes the active window to the specified URL or location in the text box.
Go In New
Launches a new window with the specified URL or location in the text box.
Want quick layouts?
Just click on "Layout" and choose "New Layout Wizard (Web)" and follow the instructions...

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