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Layout WizardIf you design, promote or host websites then you are probably looking for as as many relevant users as possible hitting your site(s). WebView contains bespoke technology to allow its users to find sites of relevance to them by going through a quick and easy to use Wizard which creates new layouts of multiple web sites based on their area of interest.

By adding your web site(s) to our listing WebView users will see your site under their category of interest, and you will get full click through ratings via our web based administration interface and emailed your statistics periodically as required.

Search engines are one thing, but when your audience can create tailored layouts as you would like them to be viewed, your web site then becomes more effective. The WebView Wizard also limits the number of displayed sites to each user so as not over complicate the screen, and give you the option to effectively reach your target audience.

Please contact sales@abcwebview.com for more information.

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