WebView efficient daily working
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WebView... for Managers

Manage your employees more efficiently and help them and you save time and money.

WebView give you the ability to pre-configure your employees' personal work spaces to be tailored to your corporate environment. For example you could distribute web based timesheets, employee search forms, helpdesk systems and documents to desktops with just one application.

If you are worried about loading too many pages at once and wasting your network bandwidth then don't worry. WebView has built in optimisation to download the windows your users want to see, and then download background windows as configured by you.

Applications such as Microsoft Office can also be opened alongside web pages at the same time, therefore helping to improve information access, management and communication.

Quite simply, forget about launching your employees' programs through the start menu and web favourites, and start using WebView today! You will notice increased productivity for each employee and a reduction in the cost of managing and supporting users throughout the company. If you would like WebView to be branded with your own logos and name, just contact sales@abcwebview.com about our white labelling options.

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