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WebView... for Home Users

Whether at home or on holiday with a laptop, surfing the web can be a big problem when you need to memorise web addresses or track them down in your favourites and launch them separately.

WebView helps you get around this by allowing you to save multiple home pages on several windows and layouts.

If you are using a slow dial up connection and always look at the same pages when you surf the web, you can simply launch WebView, go and make a coffee, and return when the pages have been downloaded to your computer.

WebView also optimises your Internet link to download the web pages you are focussed on initially, and then slowly download background pages whilst still leaving you with enough bandwidth to browse the web in your active page.

If you use products such as Microsoft Office then you can also open these documents alongside your web pages at the same time.

Quite simply, forget about launching your programs through the start menu and your web favourites, and start using WebView today!

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