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Frequently Asked Questions

Q   How much will WebView cost?
A   Our pricing structure will be released to the public when we ship our production build of the application. Until this time, indicative prices are available from sales@abcwebview.com
Q   What does WebView work with?
A   WebView currently has been tested with Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT4 (SP3+), 2000, XP and 2003 Server.
For WebView to work correctly we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
Q   What are the main differences between WebView and competing products?
A   WebView differs dramatically from other products which may be classed as the competition. It is based upon layout technology under license from a software house which has been using it within its own applications for many years in a major product for investment banks. This gives it proven stability which can be shipped as a small package to provide a robust application. The layout technology in WebView makes it differ from the competition by allowing multiple windows within multiple layouts (tabs), rather than just one of these. Amongst many other features, each window can be floated outside of the core application, targeted to another window, locked to a specific position on a web page or refreshed on interval... just to name a few.
Q   Why does WebView use INI files?
A   WebView ships configured by default to use INI files. This allows a default configuration to be downloaded to the user's PC and any changes take effect under a new INI file names after the user's logon name. This allows us to easily instruct users having problems on how to send us their settings for us to reproduce any problems. If required, it is a very simple client side change to make WebView use the Windows registry instead. Just email support@abcwebview.com for details on how to do this.
Q   Can I deploy WebView silently across my network?
A   Yes. The below examples assume that the setup program is renamed to setup.exe rather than webview40034.exe.
For new installations without the setup dialog being displayed: "setup.exe /q"
To upgrade existing installations without the setup dialog displayed: "setup.exe /q /u"
To upgrade existing installations with the setup dialog displayed: "setup.exe /u"
Q   How can I block popups through WebView?
A   Goto "Options" on the menu and select either Moderate or Extreme ad-blocking.
Moderate ad-blocking only blocks popups which appear when the web page loads up.
Extreme ad-blocking attempts to block all popups on all web pages unless the CTRL key is held down when the popup loads.
Q   Where are the rest of the frequently asked questions?
A   If you have any questions about WebView please email support@abcwebview.com and as well as answering directly we may add them to this page.

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